With decades of experience, Salang Grant Writing and Nonprofit Solutions has the solution for your nonprofit. As a solution-focused consulting agency, we take your nonprofit from good to incredible. Let us support your nonprofit so you can be the change in your community.

About Salang Grant Writing and Nonprofit Solutions

With decades of experience, Salang Grant Writing and Nonprofit Solutions has provided exceptional counsel to the most successful tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations, health orgazations, and educational institionions in the United States. Salang provides unparalleled expertise in grant proposal development, financial diversification to create organizational stability, nonprofit development and fundraising, and nonprofit solutions.

We have supported 300% organizational financial growth by establishing, strengthening and increasing funding resources. Our innovative approach to nonprofit financial diversification is renowned in the nonprofit sector.


We dedicated to providing superior and affordable fund development services that assist nonprofits organizations to fund their missions and support their communities.   


At Salang, we are dedicated to the values of accountability, collaboration, compassion, humor, innovation, integrity, and measurable outcomes. We value being responsible for our actions and are committed to mutually‐beneficial relationships that achieve common goals.

We work to generate new ideas, goods, services, and practices that are intended to be useful. We measure the impact of our work and performance as an agency dedicated to enhancing our communities. We understand our community-based nonprofits create changes in our communities. Salang Grant Writing and Nonprofit Solutions is the partner allowing nonprofits to be the change in their communities. 


We believe nonprofit financial diversification creates organizational stability and program sustainability. Salang, believes the nonprofit sector can overcome the “Nonprofit Starvation Cycle” with innovative fund procurement and financial diversification strategies.